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Caitlin Powderly

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Caitlin Powderly is a Florida-based, Board Certified Behavior Analyst with years of experience within the space. Caitlin received her Master of Education, Curriculum, and Instruction from Arizona State University. In the time since, Caitlin Powderly has remained committed to helping individuals resolve behavior-based issues through the implementation of behavior-analytic services, assessment administration, and creating/modifying behavior plans. Caitlin holds a diverse range of professional experience and has served in roles such as Program Director, Senior Regional Manager, and Director of Operations. Caitlin has also worked as an Assistant lacrosse coach for several universities including Brown University, Franklin and Marshall College, Marquette University, and Villanova.

Caitlin Powderly has built a reputation as a Behavior Analyst profoundly committed to helping individuals develop workable solutions to various behavioral and emotional challenges. Caitlin’s person-first approach to her field as well as her interest in empowering patients to reach behavioral goals through comprehensive services are cited by colleagues as highlights of her work. Above all else, Caitlin is a professional who cares deeply about helping others build skills and develop behavioral strategies that will serve them in a variety of environments.

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Caitlin Powderly

This site is meant to serve as a platform for information on fields such as Behavioral Analysis, education, sports management, and more based on the career insights of Caitlin Powderly of Florida. Contributing to conversations and exploring a wide range of considerations in fields linked to Caitlin’s areas of expertise is the main goal of content featured on as Caitlin speaks to how accessible information spurs innovation, advancement, and growth.

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Behavior Analysis

Many people have a cursory understanding of Behavior Analysis, the study of the principles of learning and behavior, however, most are not aware of the complexities of the field, its processes, best practices, etc. was created as a resource for behavior analysis content that explores important considerations, responsibilities, insights from thought leaders, and more to the benefit of readers. Whether you are a recipient of behavioral services, are a loved one of someone receiving such services, and industry professional, or serve a behavioral science institution, content on this site will include information that demystifies the field and contributes to important conversations.


Caitlin Powderly remains an education advocate and has worked within the field to develop Individualized Education Plans (IEP), support students through behavioral challenges, and create plans that uphold young people’s behavioral and educational goals. One of Caitlin’s favorite aspects of the education field is that it is constantly evolving to better accommodate students and adapt to new technologies and processes. For this reason, Caitlin speaks to the value that accessible, high-level resources on key educational topics bring to students, their guardians, and professionals within the space alike. Readers can expect comprehensive insights from the perspective of an individual with a background in education, curriculum, and instruction.

Professional Insights

In today’s competitive job market, it is always important for individuals to be working towards their professional development as a way to stand out, develop essential skills, show a commitment to the individuals they serve, and seize opportunities available within their fields. For this reason, will include professional development resources tailored to individuals working within the behavioral analysis and education industries. Expect future posts to include information on topics such as learning opportunities available for new professionals, important considerations for behavioral analysts, and strategies for upholding one’s professional goals over the course of their career.

Caitlin Powderly

Personal Development

Personal development is a key concept within the field of behavioral analysis, but it also has an important place in our everyday lives as well. Personal development strategies enable us to build and maintain strong relationships, continue on the path to our personal goals, and grow as people. Drawing from Caitlin Powderly’s career experience as a behavioral analyst as well as her personal insights, personal development resources hope to help interested readers refine their strategies and show a commitment to growth in all areas of their lives. If you have ever wanted to learn more about personal development but were not sure where to start, this site is the perfect platform for you.

Sports and Fitness

Through Caitlin’s experience as an assistant lacrosse coach, she was able to help students strive towards their goals in the sport and hone skills that would remain vital in their professional and personal lives such as communication, teamwork, and perseverance. Sports content on this site will leverage Caitlin Powderly’s insights to help readers better understand lacrosse and other team based sports. Caitlin also acknowledges that there has been a growing interest in fitness as a means to live longer, healthier lives, and featured content will also include high-level information on fitness, health, and nutrition for both athletes and those who simply want to make a commitment to wellness.

Industry News

Cailtin Powderly explains that staying current on industry news impacting the behavioral analysis and education field can be incredibly helpful for adapting to changes, evolving best practices, assisting technologies, and ultimately work towards better upholding the goals of students, patients, and professionals. With this in mind, a goal of this site is to include interesting developments as they relate to the behavioral health and education sectors as well as Caitlin’s insights on such news updates. Through exploring news as information becomes available, readers will be able to remain on the cutting-edge while keeping considerations, challenges, and crucial field updates in mind.

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